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Lifting Your Boat Out Of The Water  

You never want to leave your boat in the water where it's going to bounce around and potentially be knocking into the dock or shore over and over again. Your boat is your investment, and it's going to last for a long time if you take care of it.

Why trailer your boat when you can save time and energy with a Breeze Boat Lift. We offer lifts for everything from jet skis to 40,000 pound boats.


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Experience our affordable service

You're never going to substitute quality for affordability when you choose us for your marine construction project. It's our pleasure to offer you superior service that's competitively priced. Talk to us about our boat lifts today.

Customized boat lifts

Get in touch today so you can get your boat safely out of the water and onto a lift as soon as possible.

Designing and building

Securing any permits you need

Protect your boat

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